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As we all know, we have now received full source sorting of our trash.

Everybody should have received a brochure with text and drawings explaining what to throw and where.

Unfortunately, it seems that not everyone has read this great brochure because a lot of garbage has been thrown wrongly. There have been lots of blankets, pillows, clothes, suitcases, etc. in the waste container. This must all end.  Things like this must NOT to be thrown there -  please take a look at the brochure we all have received - it's so well explained and you'll find it below on this page as well.

You can also get your own if you have lost the one you were given by calling the maintainer.

To all: It's important that everyone follows the source sorting instructions, otherwise, we will risk warnings from the county and a fine(s) that you and I have to pay.

Cardboard must be thrown in the green containers located outside each apartment complex.

Keep in mind that all cardboard boxes must be clamped before they are thrown into the containers and nothing should be left outside the container. Are these full, do not throw cardboard and paper.

Plastics should be thrown in the blue plastic boxes that also stand outside each deck.

Isopor should not be thrown in the blue plastic garbage boxes, but in residual waste boxes.

Green sorting containers are at the top of the Edelgranveien road beyond the apartment complex 1.
There you can throw glass, metal etc in the labeled

For example, waste that is NOT to be disposed of in our containers can be driven to:

ISI Recycling Center, Isiveien 60, 1340 Skui,
Tel: 67 17 43 30
Opening hours:
Monday - Thursday: 0700-2100
Friday: 0700-1600
Saturday: 0800-1600
Sunday: Closed


Smestad Recycling Station, Ullernchausseen 26, 0379 Oslo
Tel: 23 48 36 50
Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 0730-2100
Saturday: 0900-1630
Sunday: Closed
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